Ok, well I've been wrestling with this fic for fucking EVER. Basically, since I posted "Environmental Control" the last week of my first practicum block. And since I can't grab any of my family members and sit them down and explain everything, I'm going to vent here because THIS IS WHAT DW IS FOR.

What Happened in Environmental Control: )

I'm really pleased with the way that the fic turned out, and writing it was great fun. I LOVE writing a fic where I know that at least a few people are going to read it, it's in a fandom I love, and it doesn't kill me to finish it. That hasn't happened in a long time. Also, I feel that I could put my own spin on both the AU fandom *and* the characters, while still staying true to the canon material. All in all, pretty fun and satisfying!

NOW. Here's my problem. I want to deal with the problems of Phil and Clint dating. But I also have all these other characters who insisted on being put into the story, and consequently they are running away with it and driving me nuts. So.

Where I'm heading in Self Preservation: )

Then, there's extra stuff I'm pondering to add, which has more to do with Phil and Clint's relationship, but naturally I don't have a place to put it because they are being invaded by character development adorableness from everyone else.

Clint and Phil's Continuing Issues: )

My continuing issues?? Trying to put all of this into stories without it being ridiculous! I think I'm probably going to deal with them by chunking the stuff I want to deal with into shorter stories, and just write the sections I want to and figure out where all the character development stuff goes along the timeline as I deal with it. It's how I've been building onto this universe anyway, it's just really hard to use all this background information without getting overwhelmed.
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I have content-locked my journal to only those subscribed/access list. I'd rather not have people digging through my past years of social misery.


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